Veeva's Solutions Are Meant To Standardize And Control Processes And Documents Across An Entire Enterprise -- Needs That Are Present In One Form Or Another Across A Wide Range Of Businesses.

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Open door with blue sky and a field behind Success seems highly likely... and lucrative Both Veeva's products and its well-conceived process of developing new growth areas are not so tailored to the life sciences industry that they can't be applied more broadly. Veeva's solutions are meant to standardize and control processes and documents across an entire enterprise -- needs that are present in one form or another across a wide range of businesses. And the company has honed a patient and methodical approach to developing adjacent quality management tools business opportunities, based on strong customer relationships and a responsive product development team. There is a growing awareness of the benefits of cloud-based platforms in industry, with spending on cloud-based applications expected to grow as much as 20% annually in the next few years. The rewards for this company with $544 million in annual revenue could be huge. Veeva management estimates that it is opening up another $1 billion in addressable market on top of its $7 billion opportunity in life sciences, but that is probably conservative. One recent study estimated that the global quality management software market will grow to $12 billion by 2024. And the company made clear that QualityOne is simply the first entry point for selling outside life sciences. The impact of this move may not be immediate.

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